Africa’s Development Dynamics 2019

The annual report, Africa’s Development Dynamics, analyses the continent’s development
policies. It presents a fresh narrative on Africa’s development, assessing the economic,
social and institutional performance in light of targets of the African Union’s Agenda 2063.
This second edition examines public policies that can help transform Africa’s production

Africa’s Development Dynamics 2019 is the product of a collaborative approach. It results
from a unique, broad partnership between the African Union’s Commission for Economic
Affairs and the OECD Development Centre. A team of academic researchers, economists,
statisticians, and other experts from Africa and diverse world regions contributed to this

The report contains six chapters that offer analyses of productive transformation in
Africa and provide actionable policy recommendations. The first chapter examines the
continent as a whole. Chapters 2 to 6 focus on the five regions as defined by the Abuja
Treaty: Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa and West Africa. The
authors tailor the policy recommendations for each region.

The statistical annex contains the latest economic, social and institutional indicators
across African countries for which data are comparable. The data are presented by
country, African region, regional economic communities and other relevant groups of
African countries and compares Africa with other world regions and groups of developing
countries. A list of the indicators is provided in the report, and the data are available on line
which allows for updates throughout the year. This compilation of policy-relevant data can
inform decision makers, advisors, business analysts, private sector actors, journalists, nongovernmental organisations and engaged citizens around the globe interested in measuring
African countries’ development trajectories.


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