• About Us

    ImpactHouse International

ImpactHouse International is a development institution that solves social problems by supporting and scaling the Impact of what works. We develop unique partnerships with successful social models, organizations and businesses to scale their impact through a tailor-made venture building process.

Since 2009, we have been on a mission to redefine social problem solving, cross-sector partnerships and media/public relation for development in Africa.

Our work is intended to drive excellence to the organizations we work with and every client’s needs are resolved using a bespoke approach. We are a platform for developing potentials, refining ideas, implementing evidence based solutions and fostering uniform comprehension and acceptance of development messages to varying cadres of the society.

We have distilled conviviality into our corporate culture. We solve social problems by supporting and scaling the impact of what works. We develop unique partnerships with successful social models. The impact of our work and insights gets plugged into the very innards of the organizations we work with; which makes them succeed because we are a firm unambiguously fitted for this.

People and Values:
As an organization, ImpactHouse International staff members are very passionate about their work. The talent base of our firm possesses the intellectual heft to provide solutions and meet the set objectives. We work collaboratively; we welcome divergent opinions and our focus is hinged on achieving results.

Social Impact:
At ImpactHouse International, we help address societal challenges through our public and social sectors practice. We bring the best – our expertise and capabilities to create change with our ideas and orchestrate it through our consultants. From our founding in 2009, we have worked on many pro-bono projects to create long lasting benefits for the society in which we live.

Diversity & Inclusion:
We are an equal opportunity employer. We draw huge strength from our difference and for our staff to do their best work; they have to be well situated from an inclusiveness standpoint without feeling any form of prejudice. We are continually creating an ambience that will aid our people to succeed irrespective of their race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Client Confidentiality:
We are committed to the highest professional standards in our entire clients’ engagements.